Sep 24th
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Home Art and Culture Festivals Bungdyo-Machendranath Rathaarohan

Bungdyo-Machendranath Rathaarohan

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 4th Baisakh 2074, Lalitpur. Beginning of the longest festival of Nepal, Machendranath chariot festival, was marked with the idol of Machendranath being charioted on Tuesday-4th Baisakh 2074 in Pulchowk, Lalitpur. The idol was taken to the chariot from Ta: Bahal/ Machedra Bahal in a palanquin with numbers of devotees accompanying the journey.

Symbolically the essence of the deity was called upon, accessed and brought to the temple in Ta: Bahal with special form of Tantric prayer of "Dyah: laayegu (newari, meaning catching the God)" from Kuruwaakun: (Katuwal Daha) in far southern Lalitpur. The prayer took early in the morning today in Kuruwaakun: and the priests along with the Kalash containing deity essence walked all the way to the temple in Lalitpur.

Machendranath is also known as Bungdyo, as symbolizing original resident deity of Bungmati, Lalitpur; as Avalokiteshwor, respected for looking all sentient beings with eyes of Compassion; as Karunamaya, symbolizing emanation of Kindness and Compassion for sentient beings. The deity is also famous as God of Rain and God of Harvest/ Food.

The annual chariot festival of Karunamaya is conducted with an objective of blessing the devotees in various corners and places around the city, especially ensuring attendance of those who are old or ill enough such that God comes for the blessings for them. The chariot will be pulled from Pulchowk towards Gaabahal, Patan on Thursday-6th Baisakh this year. Another chariot of Minnath also accompanies the chariot of Machendranath in Gaabahal and onwards.

Text and Photo: Binay Maharjan

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