Sep 24th
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Home Art and Culture Tradition Adinath Astami Brata-fasting prayer celebration

Adinath Astami Brata-fasting prayer celebration

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 10th Baisakh 2075, Chovar. With an aim of promoting "Sarva prakaar Jagato Hitaaya- well being in all aspects", on the occasion of an auspicious Baisakh Eighth day in the lunar calendar, Adinath Astami Brata-prayer was celebrated in the premises of Chovar Adinath temple. The prayer event was organized by Nepal Paramparaagat Boudha Dharma Sangha and supported by Shree Kachyapaal Suvarnagiri Mahavihaar.

The prayer to Anandadi Lokeshwor (another name for Adinath) was participated by almost 150 devotees engaging in prayer rituals of about 5 hours starting from 9:00 am in the morning. "Adinath, a manifestation of Aryaavalokiteshwor is regarded as Bodhisattva who has renounced his own freedom for the benefit of all sentient beings and depicts infinite compassion for all.

Engaging in the prayer helps us to develop and promote Shila-right conduct that ultimately support us in developing compassion and wisdom ", as marked by Manjushree Bajracharya- Key prayer representative from the organizing committee. The expenses of the prayer was supported by Kapil Muni Sthapit.

Text: Binay Maharjan

Photo: Binay Maharjan/ Arnab Singh

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