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Kirtipur – café , coffee and me

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Date: 2015/07/30,Place: Himalayan Java,Thamel.

“Excuse me sir, what would like to order?”

“One Espresso, please.”

Behind me, there is a couple enjoying their togetherness and Sitting in the restaurant holding a coffee mug in the left hand and each bitter sip of coffee reminds me of my loneliness. The sad part is, the guy behind me is holding a beautiful girl’s hand while I am holding a coffee; that’s the only difference. I am wondering how beautiful couples they are. Actually, I am here to kill my loneliness with the help of a coffee. I really love this place for its unique environment and the varieties of coffee it offers besides all those stuffs. This is not the only story about coffee I remember of. Another one is that I’ve got many studious friends who love books more than girls. During exam time, most of my friends prefer coffee to kill sleepiness so that they could “study more” to achieve good grades.

If you think you are  also coffee lover just like me and most of other and looking for a café which can offer variety of coffee around Kirtipur then on your honor this write up is here to guide you to one of the decent coffee cafe. As we all know, in international arena it’s a starbucks and in Kathmandu, Java restaurant situated in the Thamel and its various branches around in Kathmandu is in mind of everyone when coffee is there in our talk.  

Last weekend, my friend took me to a café in the Kirtipur which was entirely new for me. After getting there, relaxing my tired body, my eyes soon started scanning the menus.  I was totally surprised that they had almost same varieties of coffee as I found in the café of Thamel, yet with very reasonable prices. And then, I had ONE question in my mind - what is the name of this café? My friend instantly helped me- it is Everest Java Coffee.

This café, as I found, is one of the first cafés in Kirtipur which serve varieties of fresh brewed coffee. They serve Mochas, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Americanos and Espressos among others.The crowd during the evenings proves the increased popularity of this café among the youths in Kirtipur. Besides varieties of coffees, the café also serves popular menus like mo:mo:, chowmein and bakery items as well. I think this café is surely going to attract many customers in coming days too because of its reasonable price tags; reasonable price in the sense that cafés and restaurants in Kirtipur do not charge the 10 percent service charge and 13 percent VAT as most of the restaurants in Kathmandu do; and, to some extent, rent for premises is also fairly cheap.  This means, we can save no less than 23 percent in each bill paid as compared to the other cafés in Kathmandu.

Everest Java Coffee is situated in the premises of renowned Kirtipur Market, the first departmental store of Kirtipur, in Panga Dobato. Free parking facility is readily available. The only thing lacking in the café is the international standard in terms of the environment. A few upgrades in making the environment cozy along with soft music, comfortable furniture and better lighting would make this café comparable to the ones in Kathmandu city. Such an upgrade, as I believe, would make the café the most happening coffee hub not just for the locals, but for any tourists, internal or international, visiting this historic town. 

So coffee lovers, checking the place and enjoying the coffee once in our own place may not be worthless.

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Prabin Maharjan, Mphil Scholar works as Lecturer at Lincoln International College, Dhobidhara. and lives at Panga Kirtipur 11. His hobbies are writing ,reading and traveling. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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