Sep 24th
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Kirtipur (Housewife) Woman School

Kirtipur (Housewife) Woman School

A Brief Introduction

(Housewife) Woman School is the first female educational institution established by the chief members of Kipu Saving and Credit Co- Operative Society Ltd. in 2063. It lies in the heart of Kirtipur municipality which is located at Samal Dhoka, Kirtipur-6. This institution is mainly established to those women who were compelled to discontinue their study and to those who were unable to get education in their childhood due to the socio-economical or political problems and so on. It is a non-profit service oriented institution that constantly provides access to quality educational and career developing opportunities for the women or housewives.

This institution has been providing a quality education in good learning environment to the participants since its inception. It is being a right centre of learning for adult women whichinspires them to learn many things in their daily lives. It also inspires the participants to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Many more women have not got opportunity to step in school's premise during their school age. They are not empowered sufficiently to contribute in national development effort being disadvantaged of women in our society in this century too. It is because of disparity mainly found in the case of gender. The cases of gender discrimination are found everywhere in spite of the question of their involvement in every

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