Sep 24th
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Getting fit for free at Kirtipur

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Don't you just hate summer that the summer clothing reveals your body? Your jacket was such a nice cover to your extra fat and you don't feel any discomfort to put on weight during winter. The jacket and all the other clothing would just cover it for you. But summer is fast approaching. The weather of even the Valley has become so hot during the mid-days that even a t-shirt becomes too hot to handle. So, we're all worried about our summer bodies.

Thinking of spending some of your valuable cash to get fit during summer for your summer body? Some of us might be planning to join a gym or an aerobics centers. However, why spend your hard-earned money when you can get everything for free? If you're living in and around Kirtipur, there are plenty of ways to get fit for free. Here are the three most popular ways that people from Kirtipur take advantage of when it comes to get fit during summer:

Climb Chobhar hill

Chobhar is one of the most popular destinations for morning walks and prayers. And the beautiful environment of the hill makes it more pleasing than the other hills around Kirtipur. The juxtaposition of artificial culture and natural beauty makes Chobhar hill one of the favorite morning-hike destinations.

You can burn some of your calories climbing long but comfortable stairways from Chobhar gate up to Adinath temple. The pine forest on the both sides of the path and the stairways gives you a pleasant natural experience. The old-live newar cultural heritage is just spectacular to view. The peaceful environment inside the Adinath temple gives you a spiritual satisfaction.

If you want to have a cup of tea after a tiring morning hike, there are plenty of local tea-shops with incredible hospitality. And the taste of tea? I find it tastier than any expensive café in Kathmandu.

Join Yoga class

Since 2064 BS Yog Sadhana Samaj Kirtipur has been running yoga classes for free at Gandhi Bhawan inside Tribhuwan University. People from different age groups practice yoga there early morning. There are, in average, 70-80 people practicing yoga daily. Since its establishment, Guru Lilananda Yogi had been giving yoga class once a month. During regular days, 'Guru aama' Bimala Dhakal gives the classes. In her absence, there are other volunteer trainers for the classes. If you feel interested in yoga, this could be your favorite fitness activities.

Sports groups

Sports in the early morning is one of the most popular fitness activities among the youths of Kirtipur. Several badminton, basketball and volleyball courts around Kirtipur Municipality serve as fantastic places to sport. You can even join several formal as well as informal sports groups. If you master your skills in playing, you can even participate in different competitions organized annually by different organizations.

Basketball is one of the most popular games in Kirtipur and the availability of 2 courts inside TU and one in Nayabazar serves great for the game. The locals of Kirtipur of various age groups have been taking full advantage of the open courts. From the kids of 10 years to middle-aged people of 40 wake up early, carry a ball or rackets and a cork and get going to the courts.


Suburb cycling is one of the best fitness activities anyone with a bicycle can do. And what better place than Kirtipur and surroundings can you get for a suburb cycling?

The cool weather, natural scenery and good conditioned roads make cycling more fun around Kirtipur. Unfortunately, there are no places where you can hire a bicycle in Kirtipur. But if you have a decent cycle by yourself, you could take advantage of these routes:

1. TU gate - Chobhar - Jal Binayak - Taudaha

2. TU gate - Chobhaar - Panga - Nagaun - Machhegaun - Matatirtha

3. TU gate - Nayabazar - Salyansthan - Machhegaun - Langol - Taudaha - Chobhar

A fit body and mind is a valuable asset of a healthy life. And it's better when it's free. Get fit and show your summer body!

What other free fitness activities you know of? Let us know in the comments.

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