Sep 24th
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5 books to read while you are still a teenager

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A good book never fades away. Be it a romantic novel or a sci-fi or a piece written on basis of writer's imagination alone, a good book always leaves an enduring mark on its readers. No matter how many years might have passed since you read that "good" book, you will always be remembered about the times you held onto the pages wondering what the next sentence or paragraph might unfold. Talking about the qualities of a good book, in my personal opinion, two things matter the most - story and storytelling.There's nothing as fascinating as the art of powerful storytelling and the ability to make the readers glued to the pages.

Following is a list of five books that, in my view, should be read once in your lifetime. Why? Well, the reasons are many but the fact is these books make you want to keep coming back for more. Even though we know the story by heart and know what the characters will be doing in the next phase, we simply let the words swallow our heart and we will be enticed as if we are reading it the first time.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a story about a shepherd boy named Santiago who embarks on a journey to Egypt to make his recurring dream a reality. He always had a dream where he discovered a huge fortune in the pyramids of Egypt and in his utmost desire to make it true, he endures everything that comes his way. But at the end, he finds the fortune in his home ground where he spent days reading books and looking after his sheep. Paulo Coelho's beautiful writing and the natural aroma has made reading "The Alchemist" as the best way to inspire our inner self.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a book for all generations. Be it a 9-year-old or an 18-year-old or a 35-year-old, Harry Potter series is fit for all. The intriguing tale of a boy named Harry and his journey to defeating the dark lord Voldemort has also been made into movies that garnered millions just the books. The real story of how writer JK Rowling wrote the book and published it is also not less fascinating than the series.

The Treasure Island

If you are the lover of mystery and thriller, "The Treasure Island" is definitely the one for you. The way the story unfolds the characters and the thrill one gets while reading the book is more than just watching a thriller movie. The treasure maps with X -markings, pirates, one-legged man with a parrot, blind man with impeccable abilities and a chest full of gold is sure to give you a worthy read.

The Count of Monte Cristo

A masterpiece of writer Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo, is a tale of betrayal, endurance, love, loyalty, and revenge. The story revolves around Edmond Dante who is falsely imprisoned, his breakout from the prison, finding fortune and getting back to his betrayer. Despite being written in the 1840s, more than a century and a half ago, this piece is described as one of the classic novels in the present time.

Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a modern age thriller written by Gillian Flynn. It is a story about a married couple and how one day the wife simply vanishes, leaving the husband as the main suspect. The readers are provided two versions of the whole story on basis of both the wife and husband, and the readers are glued to the pages trying to get the culprit.The novel is successful in building the suspense and the natural flow till the last pages and is definitely one of the books I recommend.

The list is solely based on my personal experience and the books I have read till date. And there are still hundreds of amazing books out there that will make us turn the pages until the morning light broke, until our favorite meal turned cold until we forget that a day only consists 24 hours. And this is just a beginning.

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