Sep 24th
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Home Life Style Society Are beauty contests over-hyped?

Are beauty contests over-hyped?

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Everybody knows what the trending topic was this week. The Facebook newsfeed was filled with the Miss World 2017 news and updates and the world was waiting for the new Miss World. With the talks about who will take the crown home this year to who is the prettiest-of -all made rounds all over the globe and finally after all the waiting for the beauty queen, Miss India Manushi Chillar won the coveted crown of Miss World 2017 in a ceremony held on 18th November 2017 at the Sanya City Arena in Sanya, China. She won the beauty pageant defeating 118 contestants participating from all around the globe. Our very own Miss Nepal Nikita Chandak made to the Top 40 list.

Along with all these beauty contests being held under different titles, there always has been these questions going in most heads – Are all these beauty contests really their worth? Or are they simply over-hyped? Many people point the fact about how all the past and present beauty queens have accomplished nothing for the society and how almost all of those winners only aim to rise in the glamour world and just be a name in the list of beauty pageant title holders. We also cannot deny the fact because that is what we have witnessed so far.

Another group points out about how the life of the winner has changed after the title. They also put forward that if the beauty pageants were not much of the worth, why would anyone ever want to participate into one and be the winner. These contests open ocean of opportunities and access to the world that one may only dream. A nobody turns to known-to-everybody overnight and that is definitely worth it. And, we listeners cannot deny these opinions too.

All these two-parts-of-coin opinions about the worth of beauty contests will never end. Because they were in the past, are in the present and is sure to stay here forever as long as the beauty contests are organized.

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