Sep 24th
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Home Life Style Society Caring for deceased is caring for Life

Caring for deceased is caring for Life

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Newar community has elaborate rituals for life passages, popularly known as "Dasa Krama Vidhi- ten passage rites"; and there are rituals for deceased as well. One of the simplest rites is when somebody sees his/ her late father or mother in their dreams, the person offer some kind of food in the name of deceased to crow and dog. The traditional Hindu ritual would include crow, dog and cow more formally. There may be metaphysical reason behind it but practical approach seems to have a care for animal and bird as well.

1. Preparing the offering plate

A woman in memory of her deceased father and mother puts various food items in leafy plate for offering.

2. Offering items all accomplished

Various items for offering included beaten rice, milk, meat, banana, potato, soya bean, vegetables etc.

3. Offering for the crow

One of the leafy plates is put on terrace for the crow.

4. Pigeon nurtured

Pigeons, instead of crow, got the first bite. As pigeon symbolized peace and harmony, pigeon seems to be more domestic than crow.

5. Feast for pigeons

Monsoon is good for farmers but not pigeons. Food for it is not easy access as in harvesting time.

6. Looking for the dog

The woman calls for the dog to offer the prayer; the dog approaching.

7. Approaching the offering place

The Newar house has a sort of mandala known as "Pyakhaalakhu" in front of the house; it is used for prayers and ritual offerings.

8. Finally the dog eats

It is believed that the prayer is not fulfilled until it is accepted by the one to whom it is offered. Here it is finally accepted.

9. Enjoying the offering

The dog seems to enjoy the feast of offering; a pigeon seems to wait for her turn.

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