About ourkirtipur

Kirtipur is one of the most famous places in Nepal. Due to its importance in modern history of Nepal every Nepali citizen has strong desire to know about this historical town. Inhabitated mainly by ethnical Newar community since pre historical era, this town is a mysterious place for many people. Besides its historical values, it has great values for its traditions, cultures, festivals, languages, heritages, arts and so on.

With the advancement of science and technology, the earth is changing into a mini world. With internet in access to every nooks and corners of the world, the concept of global village is a reality today. So, why are we not up to the mark in this computer age? Why isn't there representation of Kirtipur for internet users around the world? These questions have motivated us to launch ourkirtipur.com.np .

Our prime objective is to represent this famous town in each and every aspect. Without any biasness, political influences, socio-ethical conflict, our motto is to reflect the history, culture, art, architecture, tradition, festivals, tourist information and so on. Further our prospect is to represent situation of education, sports, and daily events. Besides all these things we are providing platform for writers, critics, scholars for sharing their views on various aspects of society. And we believe that this will surely encourage the upcoming talents who are not getting the right platform to share their talents. Furthermore we are aiming to focus and bring out the problems faced by people of different corners of Kirtipur.