“Gunlaa Chaitya Kipaa”-Mysterious Image of Swayambhu

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Every year, in the eve of “Gunlaa Juga Charya-the fourth day of the lunar calendar” around Swayambhu premises during night, there is mystical image of Swayambhu(Sanskrit meaning self arisen) Stupa in sky. We do not know since when this belief get rooted in our cognition but the image we captured about 5 years ago (2069 B. S.) during that night is with us now in the page.

We come up with our explanation that may be the light effects, as there are many lights use in the night in the premises that resulted in the image-effect. And another thought was might be the image intensified in monsoon cloud consisting of super-condensed water. But we could not get convinced by ourselves. The duration of the image shown is about 8-10 minutes and everybody could see it. That is a moment of awe.

Such mysterious images have been reported from pilgrims to Gosainkunda-holy Lake in Rasuwa where they claimed of viewing image of Lord Shiva or his belongings like “Trishul”-Trident, bull, Shiva-linga idol etc. Here there is not everybody could see but some.

This year, if you are interested for the chance, the date of image-viewing is the eve of 3rd Bhadra (19th August) however; You may have to be in the Swayambhu premises for the whole night as the time cannot be known beforehand, when and at which spot it is seen. But the view is worth watching- Good luck for us.


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