Nakhu Khwaa Siu Wanegu- Holy Washing at Nakhu river

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Every year in Chaitra Sukla Astami (this year, the date falls in 30th Chaitra 2075), there is an annual prayer festival of Nakhu Khwaa Siu Wanegu- Holy Washing at Nakhu river participated by thousands of devotees. It is holy celebration in the memory of the day when Adinath was located at "Gwa tirtha"- the holy junction of Nakhu river and Bagmati river.            

Devotees would be gathering from early morning to retain the space (as there be crowds of people) for viewing the procession of Dyo laayegu-symbolic representation of Adinath in the form of Dafa Swa(flower) entering the holy Kalash. Many people from Chobhar, Kirtipur, Patan, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur come to pay their homages to Adinath. Prayer and offerings of rice, lamps, flowers, incense, and vermillion powder etc. along with traditional music of Dhime, Kaa: Baja, Naayo Khin, and Dafa Basuri adds divinity in the atmosphere of celebrating welcoming of Adinath.

Text by: Binay Maharjan

Photo by: Biplap Maharjan

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