Top 5 emerging lover’s spots at Kirtipur

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This time I’m very excited because I have picked up the topic of my own interest. Kirtipur has its own historical background, culture and inhabitants. We talked more about these stuffs. However, this time around my effort goes to bring for other aspects of the Kirtipur.

Kirtipur is a place not only gifted by historical monuments but also natural beauty. Though, it is not famous among all people, these days some teenagers love to visit this place for special reason and this reason is no way different from the dating. As Kathmandu being congested day by day, love birds from Kathmandu are always in search of some peace areas to spend their valuable time with their beloved ones.. Their need is somehow fulfilled by the wonderful place, Kirtipur. It welcomes all with some of the best dating spots in its lap. We don’t have exact data of people visiting Kirtipur as a dating hub but we are sure about increasing trend. To be turned out as a perfect dating spot, there should be some pre-requisites like security, perfect environment, no disturbances, some food courts nearby and of-course naturally blessed locations. These are some parameters and with the help of these we think of ranking dating spots.

Let me begin with Chovar. In the short span of time, Chovar attracts many righteous people or the one who make movies or music videos and also those who loves natural beauties. On this run why the teenagers lag behind to discover this place. They have the most energy in compared to other category. Chovar is just 5 km distance form Kathmandu or 10 minutes ride in the bike. First visitors of the Chovar may feel like it’s the place just like heaven but still it is hidden for them, how?? Here you’ll enjoy lots of open space, great landscape, Manjushree Park and also lots of couples enjoying their best of the best time together. To get into the park, Rs. 10 will be charged. With the breezing air that makes girlfriend’s hair to play in your face, I’m being very romantic here, let me stop here. YEAH ! you’ll feel like you were flying in the sky. So don’t you want to fly in the sky? If you certainly, please do visit our first dating spot Chovar and share your experience with other friends, too.

Now turn of ‘Taudha’. It is natural pond in Kirtipur which has historical importance along with biodiversity aspects. It’s just a 6 km or 15 mins ride from the heart of Kathmandu. Prior, this place is popular for bird watching. However, it is one of the emerging best dating spots around Kirtipur. The teenagers are increasing day by day to visit it for their dating purpose.. The entry fee is Rs. 10. Again, if your girlfriend is hungry, no need to worry; there is lots of food courts nearby which only charge reasonable price. If you are planning to come in bikes there is parking facilities as well. So, come and enjoy our second dating spot with lots of fun.

If your girlfriend loves some peace and greenery, our third dating spot will definitely helps you out. I am talking about none other than Tribhuban University (TU) area of Kirtipur. TU area is also one of the best areas of the Kirtipur. These days this place is also in teenager’s sight. No doubt, lots of people come here to pursue their further education but few people like to visit this place with their beloved one. If you really come here for dating purpose, you’ll find your girlfriend even more beautiful since here you’ll get some fruits item in the fruit-cart to offer for her, Rs. 10 per plate.

Wow, what to talk more about Kirtipur. If your girlfriend is fond of Newari foods and loves Old temples and Ghumbas then you certainly be in our fourth dating spot, Kirtipur itself. Just hold your girlfriend’s hand and harmonize your step with her step and bring sweet smile in each other face, thumbs up.., now looks like perfect couple, enjoy by walking this ancient city. Lahana and Sasa... are some of the renowned Newari restaurants located here.

Some of the pal might be wondering where is the Puspalal in the list? For those, here comes the Puspalal at the no. 5 on our listing. Puspalal Park is named after great communist leader Puspalal. It is 8 km in distance from the heart of city and situated in the altitude of approx. 1,400 m or 25 mins ride in the bike. Getting into Puspalal, you can have phenomenal view of the Kathmandu valley, less pollution, greenery and the calm. There is no mandatory to take some dry foods while visiting this dating spot because there are lots of local restaurants offering different varieties. The place like Puspalal, your girlfriend is giving company to you and now do not take your eyes off from her eyes and try to discern the things what she is communicating. With all these you’ll feel different experience and if I say different experience as a love, I guess, I won’t be wrong. So, at last I strongly suggest you too, do visit our any of 5 dating spots and enjoy your precious time.

Text: Prabin Maharjan

Photo: Narayan Maharjan


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