Yākah Misāyā Bhujyā-Womanhood in Machhendranath's Rath Jatra

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The exciting part of the Machhendranath's Rath Jatra (Chariot Festival)- Yākah Misāyā Bhujyā, the chariot being pulled exclusively by women devotees was celebrated today in the morning on Friday, 3rd Jestha 2076. The chariot was pulled to Pyakalan/ Crossroads in the way between Lagankhel and Tangal. The chariot will rest here for days, until it is pulled to Jawalakhel- the date of which needs to be chosen with special considerations to astrological favorable circumstances.

While everyday Rath Yatra of Machhendranath is fun, thrilling and wonderful; the atmosphere was more joyful today as it has special requirement of participation by women devotees. Feeling of celebration and fulfillment was on the air. Respect for women is marked regularly from time and again in Machhendranath Jatra with specific roles, acknowledgement care of concerns. The day before yesterday was circumambulations of Maa Simhaa- Mother Tree by Machhendranath chariot in Lagankhel. Four days before the journey of the chariot to Jawalakhel, the principal Paanju/ Priest needs to visit Kirtipur at Pyangathan to provide Machhendranath's flower to women there as it is believed that Macchendranath's beloved resides there.


Text by: Binay Maharjan

Photo by: Biplap Maharjan, Newton Maharjan and Binay Maharjan

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