Gunlā Bhajan

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Gunlā is the name of a month in Nepal Sambat calendar, the lunar calendar used by Nepali people, specifically by the Newar community, while Gunlā Bhajan (also known as Dāphā Bhajan) is a bhajan that the devotees of Newar community play while gathering in a Phalcha. Gunlā Bhajan is played in accordance to the weather. In other words, the rhythm of the music being played in the Gunlā Bhajan corresponds to the weather.

Gunlā bhajan is played for 2 months starting from the day after Gathamuga and it ends on the day of Paru. Different bhajan songs are played in specific days to worship different gods. For example, the song for Bhairab God is played on Sunday, that for Ganesh is played on Tuesday, Lord Buddha on Wednesday and so on.

These picture were taken at Ta: Nani, Kirtipur.

Photo and Text by: Biplap Maharjan

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