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Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 November 2014 16:39

With a spirit of serving guests by homely environment, Babu Raja Maharjan in Langol, Kirtipur is welcoming guests in his home from various places around the world. Living with his family (wife Belku, daughter Ruja and son Aayush) in the ground floor, guests are offered cozy rooms in the first floor. Many years of experiences being a trekking guide is enabling him to create, plan or link outstanding holiday packages for his guests. Feedback of Contentment and Thankfulness in the “Guest book” of his living room surely advertise the hospitality of Nepalese that we are famous for.

Meeting Gunilla, helpful and supportive guest from Sweden was not merely a coincidence for him; they introduced themselves at Helambu trekking. Her stay in his home has made him realize of his innate quality of serving guests with homely care. He did enjoy staying in Sweden for about 6 weeks in 2007 that gave him opportunity to carefully learn the western way of daily-living.

That inspired him how important it is to living at home than at hotel or motel to experience different ways of living. Experiential learning and traveling around places have benefited him with knowledge of modern facilities and services along with cultural style of caring.

His services are his best assets that ranked his homestay 1 out of 237 Kathmandu valley B&B and Inns as mentioned in Recommendations from guests staying with him are the best mean of the advertisement.

With welcoming heart for internal tourists as well, he believes in satisfaction of his guests and eager to fulfill all guests’ wishes. When inquired about tourism in Kirtipur, he acknowledges various cultural and historical heritage sites and monuments, village and modern lifestyle surroundings, natural hill-forest sites, hiking places and ponds present in Kirtipur. He emphasizes promotion of local sites and sanitation for development in local tourism industry. With open heart and open mind, he feels like social responsible person and is willing to assist with his best efforts in societal development. Remarking home is where the heart is, more details about his homestay can be accessed through the website:

Text: Binay

Photos: Narayan

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