Celebrating National Paddy Day in Innovative Preschool

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Kirtipur, 15 Asar 2076

Festive mood is more enhanced when you are with kids. It was an awesome moment to observe kids playing and learning paddy saplings plantation at Innovative Preschool in Panga, Kirtipur in occasion of National Paddy Day on 15 Asar. The day is also known as Ropain Diwas and people generally remember eating Dahi-Chiura, a mixture of yogurt and beaten rice on the day.

One of the primary objectives of marking and celebrating the day is to realize increase in rice production in the country so that it need not depend upon foreign imports. Sustainable ways include letting children expose to and be friendly with acts of playing with mud and planting saplings. According to Soniya, Principal of Innovative; the school has managed to engage children in paddy day celebration since its establishment for 3 years regularly. Vice Principal Nani added that they allow children to participate and observe rice plantation and growing through all phases of planting, harvesting, and milling etc. so that children can learn experientially the entire process of rice production. Children feel contentment with their efforts and so do we.

Text by: Binay Maharjan

Photo by: Biplap Maharjan

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