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With a little charm in action and little innovation, Suman Raj Maharjan at Panga, Kirtipur is decorating his “Craft House” with various artistic creations. He skillfully plays with the felt materials and there comes designs of different colorful finger puppets, birds, key-rings, bags, shoes, etc. Choice and combination of colors is not an easy task to do but he does have this remarkable quality of making his products eye-friendly and attractive. Assisted by his wife Ratna Devi Maharjan and few other artists, he wishes to expand and contribute the work of creation.

Recalling the events of his school days when he was fascinated by carpentry designs of his father, he believes those were the moments he got lured by art. His academic plus skill experiences from Lalitkala Campus and 16-years working experience in reputed Handicraft house have nurture his talent a great deal. With respect for patented products, he does have faith in open mind and heart in trying new ideas for bringing lively touch in his works. The spirit of “creation never ceases” guides him and creates for him a joyful working environment.

A shade of two lines and a patch of color might look merely beautiful for these eyes of desire; but when it is known that there in it is invested so much time, effort, mind and heart-it cannot be stand aloof without praise. He acknowledges how important the process of valuation, cost estimation, and pricing is to make entrepreneur a success.

Talking about his willingness to transfer his knowledge and skills, he emphasizes the essence of patience; and comments, “involving in Handicraft art does not mean merely to indulge in needle-thread work: there are other options like mediation between producers and customers, marketing and research as well.” Lastly his heart whispers that it’s little things that make our lives big and it’s these little works of creation that is enough to content our hearts.


Text: Binay Maharjan

Photo: Narayan Maharjan


Last Updated on Friday, 08 February 2013 06:04

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